President Masahiko Nakai

Since our company was established in 2011, we have participated in many projects, including the High-Speed Railway Project in India and several urban railway projects, mainly in Southeast Asia. The growing population in Asia and the resulting concentration of traffic within and between cities have had a significant impact on the quality of life there and have caused environmental degradation. I believe that this has led to a high demand for railways as a safe, punctual, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Based on their high level of technology, Japanese railways are highly regarded throughout the world, as they prioritize safety, punctuality, provision of information, and customer satisfaction. We have investment and human support from 10 major Japanese railway operators, and we have drawn on the knowledge and expertise they have accumulated over the years. I believe that we have a mission to use and expand this knowledge and experience overseas.

In the first few years of our business, we have worked on the tangible aspects of railway projects such as surveys, detailed design work, and construction consulting. Recently, there has been a growing demand for providing services in other areas in which our shareholder railways have particular advantages: operation management, railway maintenance, and employee training. As a railway consulting company, with a diverse range of human resources in the railway sector, we will continue to respond to a wide range of client needs and contribute to the development and expansion of railways in other countries.

Through our railway business consulting, we hope to serve as a bridge between Japan and other countries throughout the world.

President  Masahiko Nakai