Our Social Mission

  1. Through Railways, Making People Smile.

    All can go wherever they want; all can have whatever they want delivered whenever they want. Connecting communities and societies, we need an environment that allows efficient and smooth mobility of people and goods for people to lead safe and comfortable lives. Railways are a powerful vehicle driving economic development.

    Many countries in the world need more economic growth due to insufficient transport infrastructure to catch up with rapid economic growth. JIC’s mission is to contribute to creating a prosperous society through railway technology in such countries and worldwide.

  2. Female Empowerment at JIC

    JIC has acquired the “Eruboshi certification” under the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace to establish a company where both women and men can work positively and actively.

  3. Diversity

    Diversity” is of utmost importance to continue new challenges. We proactively promote diversity in values in the workplace, regardless of nationality, gender and age, as well as work styles and work-life balance.