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Yangon Circular Line Upgrading Project

Basic Project Information

ClientMyanmar Railways
Implementation periodFrom October 2017 to date
ResponsibilitiesDesign and construction supervision

Project Outline

Yangon in Myanmar is the country’s largest commercial city with a population of over 5 million. The city, Like Tokyo, has a concentration of around 1/10th of the countrys population and is experiencing heavy traffic conventions caused by a rapid increase in the number of cars and buses.
In contrast, Yangon has the Yangon Circular Line, a double-track, non-electrified line approximately 46 km long (for comparison, the Yamanote Line is also a loop service of about 30 km) with 38 stations. Due to its aged infrastructure and rolling stock, the Line often suffers from problems such as slower train speeds, delays and derailments, resulting in three hours for its circular service. The railway faces severe fragility in terms of its health as an infrastructure.

The project involves track maintenance for 44 km of the Circular Line (the remaining 2 km section was already upgraded in another project), renewal of the signalling systems, upgrade of the signalling power supply, automation of all level crossings and introduction of new rolling stock.

We are mainly responsible for introducing rolling stock (DEMUs: Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit), construction supervision of track maintenance andrenewal of signalling systems, including level crossings and their power supply, to overhaul railway as the foundation of public transportation services.


Yangon Circular Line after track maintenance
New signal box



Project TypeModernization
TypeConstruction Supervision and Peripheral Business
Line length46km
Electrification and
Signalling System
Non-electrified, double track, non-standarized interlocking and automatic block
Number of newly built rolling stock66 DEMUs (Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit)